At the Vet Connection, our consultations proceed at a relaxed pace, tailored to suit your cat and dog. Our consultations are by appointment only however emergency cases will be seen as needed.

We take the internationally-recognised ‘Life-stages’ approach to canine and feline preventative healthcare. Just like us, your cat’s and dog’s healthcare needs will change as the years progress. This system allows us to focus on the issues that your pet is mostly likely to be facing at any given time in his or her life.


Birth to 6 months

This is an exciting time, when your new puppy or kitten will be celebrated, cuddled and played with until everyone is exhausted! It is also a time when you will be a regular visitor to your vet clinic. During this stage, we will address play and socialisation, training, feeding and growing. We will start vaccinations and parasite control, which will continue throughout your pets life. We offer Puppy Classes to assist with the training and socialisation. Speying or neutering is recommended from 5 months old for cats and from 6 – 9mths for dogs.


7 months to 2 years

Your puppy or kitten has become a teenager! During this phase we will assist with any training or behavioural issues that arise. We will pay particular attention to diet and dental hygiene for your pet. We will also develop a tailored vaccination and parasite control program for your pets own individual requirements.


3 to 6 years

This is the prime of your pets life! While this is a relatively healthy phase of life, we are monitoring general health, alongside weight and dental health. Dental health issues are very common in cats and dogs even at a young age, and since they can’t tell us they have a toothache, dental problems such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth root lesions often go undetected without veterinary intervention. Obesity is on the rise in our pet population and predisposes our canine and feline friends to a host of health problems. Addressed earlier in life, it will be an easier problem to correct.


7 to 10 years

This is a phase where early detection of health problems in extremely beneficial. The mature cat and dog is at risk of developing many medical conditions. Particularly common in cats are diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), thyroid and kidney disease and in dogs arthritis. The signs of these diseases may not become evident until the disease has progressed substantially, but with regular check ups and monitoring, we can detect and treat problems earlier, which can improve outcomes. This may involve blood pressure, urine or blood tests.


11 - 14 years

The signs of age and the signs of disease can be easily mistaken for each other. Regular check ups will allow us to identify any new conditions that present and to monitor treatment of any existing conditions. Blood pressure and urine tests are recommended annually. We may also recommend twice yearly visits.

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